A Community Library for Techies

We are a free, co-learning community that meets every Saturday to learn in-demand technical skills

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LET's learn together!
Saturdays from 10am - 4pm+
Venue Partner:

SMU BIG (Business Innovation Generator)
In the basement of SMU School of Accountancy

- From City Hall MRT (6 min walk)
- From Bencoolen (5 min walk underground)
- From Bras Basah (3 min walk underground)

Co-learning Community

We meet on Saturdays from 10am - 4pm
to learn together with the community
  • Meet a like-minded community
  • Bring your own MOOC
  • Growth Mindset


Community / industry speakers from industries like:
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain
  • UX & Product Design

Every Saturday 10am - 4pm

With exception of major Singapore holidays


Here's what a typical Saturday looks like:

10am: Free Morning Study Session

Doors open around 1000 hours. Turn on your laptops and work on your courses & projects. Need help / inspiration ? Ask around / write it on the board!

12:00PM: Have Lunch Together

We have a 10 minute standup where we do Intros (new faces), Helps (tap on the hive), and Interestings (upcoming events, new techniques etc). It's a cool way to discover new and interesting things from the community. We then move into Koufu to get some food and talk more over food. Learn more

11am: Skill Share

Each week, someone shares a special skill or demos something cool. Discover new and interesting classes, tools, projects, people, and more!

1:30pm - 4pm+: Free Afternoon Study Session

Grab your laptops and study! Study alone or form a group for your MOOC, you choose. Need help? Look around! People are usually super helpful for sharing learning resources and helping newbies. Learn more

our partners

Study GRoup

Data Science Fundamentals and Tools

Learn data science fundamentals, key data science tools, and widely-used programming languages. Apply data science to real life scenarios.

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Study GRoup

UX Design Product Management

Beginner-friendly learning group. Uses Coursera and DataCamp courses. Come join this group.

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Study GRoup

Computer Science Fundamentals

Beginner-friendly learning group. Uses Coursera and DataCamp courses. Come join this group.

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What's the catch? Why is your website so nice?

We created Dojo to have a community of fellow learners to learn with.

This is a community driven, not for profit initiative. We just like to have a very nice website because we are engineers, and we are good at making very nice websites.

What skill levels?

Though Dojo initially started as a handful of engineers learning new skills... We're now a community of people, at all skill levels. There are highly technical people learning & working on special projects. And there are also beginners picking up CS for the first time. We welcome anybody with a growth mindset.

Why co-learning?

Online classes have disrupted how higher education works by making quality education and materials available over the web. However, many people do not finish MOOCs as they become discouraged or lose motivation (us included). This makes sense because MOOCs do not provide the in-person community, network and shared experience that in-person schools have.

This is a not-for-profit initiative to fill this need. Similar to what co-working spaces did for freelancers working out of cafes, a co-learning community would provide for working professionals taking part-time MOOCs.

What should I study?

Coursera, Udacity, EdX, Stanford/MIT's free online lectures offer great choices at all skill levels for any technical subject area. And Kaggle & Datacamp are great options for data science. We've also compiled some info on what to learn and links here: FAQ's on CS & Data Science and our favorite MOOC.

Please comment and add your own! We hope to grow this community resource over time.

Is Dojo for me?

Dojo is NOT a place to find free tutoring, tech networking, or engineering nerds to implement your startup idea.

Think of Dojo as a noisy college library. There will be some people who are doing their own thing but want to be in a community space. There will also be study groups where everyone is working through a course together. This environment works well for people who are collaborative, hardworking,and self-initiated.